Interactive 3D

A revolution in product presentation!

3Dswipe offers users a unique, tridimensional, instantaneous, user-friendly and tactile product experience.

With a simple swipe of the finger, the user chooses the viewing angle under which to watch the product and configures it with available options.
Interactive 3D application or real-time 3D configuration system: your tailored sales solution.

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3 ways to use it:

3dswipe Tablet

All your offers,
from their best sides,
embedded in an
all-in-one sales app

3dswipe Web

For the internet user, a unique online
shopping experience in 3D,
combined with instant
product customization…

3dswipe Tradeshow

Capture the public’s attention
by showcasing your products
and your technology
from every angle

Three revolutions

The “swipe” effect

3D handling of an object, and its operating animations, in real time and from every angle

Realistic products

Materials, details and animations in real time 3D: seize the product as if you had it in hand

3D configuration

Options and colors: product customization and instant display from every angle

The swipe effect, 2 minutes to grab the concept

Multiples uses

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Convincing makes perfect sense on tablets: on the go, your sales teams stand out by putting your products under light, from every angle

Configuration and customization in 3D real time

3D configuration

Pick colors, materials, options…
instantaneously and from every angle:
create your own
tailor-made product!

3d interactive manipulation for e-learning


A product in 3D,
which can be displayed
and customized in real time…
obviously convincing!

3Dswipe, the solution for trade shows

Trade shows

Dazzle visitors with your innovations, make them interact with your products. Attract, arouse interest, convince… sell!

3Dswipe Web demo: real time 3D without plugin

New Web Demo 3Dswipe

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Our latest news

Pentair 3Dswipe

3Dswipe pour Pentair

Pentair Water Purification entrusts 3Dswipe with the development of a real-time 3D app for the launch of a new product range at the international Aquatech 2018 trade show

Professional trade shows

Come meet us and get a live individual demo

Conext trade show 2016

3Dswipe will exhibit at #Conext trade show in Lille, from the 12 th to the 14 nd of October. Come and experience our real-time 3D product configuration technology: 3Dswipe Web & Tablet designed to showcase your products from every angle.