3Dswipe Pentair - 3D manipulation

3Dswipe for Pentair

a real-time 3D travel at the heart of Fleck valves

Pentair Water Purification, a Pentair Group subsidiary, offers water purification technology to industrial and residential customers. The brand entrusted 3Dswipe with the development of a real-time 3D application aimed at unveiling a new product series at Aquatech, Amsterdam.

Pentair produces valves, bottles, water filtration and purification systems, and opted for the real-time 3D technology to present, highlight, configure and explain its innovations embedded in the brand new 5800 Fleck Series.

A complete sales app
for a successful tradeshow


The fully loaded Pentair app developed by 3Dswipe unveils the new Fleck valve series with the following features:

  • Real-time 3D presentation – view from every angle
  • Animated exploded views – immersion in the system
  • Interactive product hotspots
  • 3D configuration system
  • Access to Pentair media (brochures, technical sheets, installation manuals, etc.)
3Dswipe Pentair - Zoom
3Dswipe Pentair Valve 5812 hotspot features

Thus, every key information is at the user’s fingertips for

  • A smooth, comprehensive and interactive presentation ensuring quality pitch and high-efficiency for salesmen,
  • A user-friendly and educational experience created by the inside product views facilitating the understanding of innovations


“I have discovered the 3Dswipe technology during a tradeshow specialized in digital technologies. I was immediately impressed, not only by the quality of 3D visuals, but as well by the smoothness of their animations. In the end, the collaboration between Pentair and 3Dswipe went very well: I met passionate professionals producing quality work, being flexible regarding new demands during the evolution of the project, and above all, meeting extremely tight deadlines.”

François Imhof, Marketing and Communication Manager EMEA of the Water Purification division at Pentair

The impact of real-time 3D
to highlight product innovations

The interactive exploded views and product hotspots are two key features made possible by real-time 3D:


Exploded views: 1 click triggers the animated explosion of the product, part by part, respecting the physical constraints of the disassembly. The final exploded product view is fully interactive and allows the user to handle the product from every angle and at every zoom level, which makes this feature an extremely powerful tool to explain Pentair’s technology.

3Dswipe Pentair valve 5810 explode
3Dswipe Pentair hotspots

Interactive product highlights: all the technologic innovations and product benefits are gathered in a series of hotspots fully integrated to the real-time 3D view. The user can easily access key additional information specific to a desired product part. Each hotspot is directly attached to key parts which allows immediate understanding.

Event solution:
3Dswipe, creating interactivity

Displayed on a giant touch screen on Paintair’s booth at Aquatech Amsterdam, the product presentation takes a whole other level with real-time 3D. Allowing visitors to interact with its brand new product range in real-time 3D on a big screen, Pentair ensured great visibility to its new product launch.

Attract visitors, create an interactive show around a product launch, and convince through innovation, these were Pentair’s goals. Mission complete thanks to a strong collaboration between Pentair’s EMEA communication team and 3Dswipe.

3Dswipe Pentair valve 5812 dimensions
3Dswipe Pentair Foleo softener hotspots

Evolution: from tradeshow to sales

Eventually, the goal is to capitalize on a successful event by deploying efficient and innovative sales and communication tools.

After Aquatech’s success, Pentair will be able to exploit the full potential of real-time 3D for sales and communication purposes: the Pentair app, initially developed for Windows, will be adapted and deployed on their salesforce’s iPads as well as on the group’s website : www.pentairaquaeurope.com.