Our products

3Dswipe offers users a brand new instant, user-friendly & tactile product or environment experience by real-time 3D handling and display from every angle.

3Dswipe demo video button - 2 minutes to grab the concept

Your product in interactive 3D on tablet, kiosk, website… Our patented product presentation and configuration in real-time 3D is available on:

  • Embedded apps on tablets and PCs for fleets of salesmen
  • On interactive kiosks or holographic projection for tradeshows
  • Online, integrated to eCommerce websites without plug-in

We offer 3 main products: 3Dswipe Tablet, 3Dswipe Web and 3Dswipe Trade Show, each answering very specific needs but all providing the same unique, 3D and interactive experience.

3Dswipe brings your products and their options to life in the hands of your clients.

Three revolutions

icon 1 - The swipe effectThe “swipe” effect

3D handling of an object, and its operating animations, in real time and from every angle

icon 2 - Realistic productsRealistic products

Materials, details and animations in real time 3D: seize the product as if you had it in hand

icon 3 - 3D configurator3D configurator

Options and colors: product customization and instant display from every angle

3Dswipe tablet manipulation

All your offers,
from their best sides,
embedded in an all-in-one sales app

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3Dswipe web configuration

For the internet user, a unique online shopping experience in 3D, combined with instant product customization… mind blowing!

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3Dswipe trade show presentation

Capture the public’s attention
by showcasing your products
and your technology from every angle

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The 3Dswipe effect and its features in 2 minutes