3Dswipe turnkey

Imagine you app… and we take care of everything!

Depending on the products’ complexity, 4 to 8 weeks are generally required to get your 3Dswipe effect :

  • on tablet
  • website
  • or interactive kiosk

The steps for creating your custom turnkey app below:

3Dswipe, l'équipe en cours de production 3D

5 steps

1. Analysis of your needs

What are your goals?We will suggest relevant means to meet them:

  • Selection of products to be highlighted
  • Desired features and device on which to run your app
  • Budgetary evaluation and lead time

2. Your products in 3D

Do you own 3D models of your products?

  • Yes: we will adapt your 3D files
  • No: send us your blueprints, plans, pictures, products…:
    we will create them, that’s our core business

3. Creation of your tailor-made solution

  • Customization of your 3Dswipe app: expected features
  • Products integration in real time 3D
  • Interactivity and operating animations
  • 3Dswipe effect processing

4. Testing and delivery

  • Pre-implementation and testing
  • Export and install on your devices

5. ROI analysis

Debriefing: technology buy-in, impact on sales, return on investment, possible improvements, additional features…

Reach out to us to request a presentation or a brief.