A new online shopping experience

3Dswipe Web offers a unique buying process which allows users to experiment the product before buying it online.

Interactive 3D on your website allows web users to display your products from every angle and to customize them in real time.

In a blink of an eye, the web user displays, animates and customizes the product, immediately spots his highlights, understands its technology and accesses technical sheets.



Real time 3D handling

online and with no plug-in


3D configuration

to select options & colors


3Dswipe embedded

in your website (iFrame)


Complete purchasing process

up to online payment

3Dswipe Web demo: real time 3D without plugin

New Web Demo 3Dswipe

Captivate, amaze… sell

3Dswipe Web is an innovative and essential technology for added-value products displayed on e-business or corporate websites: bring your products to life, online.

– Test our web demo : www.3dswipe.com/demo3Dswipe

– Other examples :

Check out the full video (2 min),click here

Request a presentation or ask to try it yourself: click here

Real-time 3D features: predefined views , hotspot, interactive animations , photos and videos , configurator

A new online shopping experience



Real time 3D interactive

Your products from every angle

interactive 3D configurator

Range of colors and options

Operating animations

Interaction with animated products

Product highlights

Marketing benefits attached to your products

From every angle

Exploded product view

Showcase all your key components

Animated inside view

At the heart of your technology in motion

Customizable views with dimensions

Front, side, top: your product from technical angles

Imagine your own features
and… ask us
to develop them for you!


Database and backoffice

Take control freely

Automatic synchronization

All your salesmen in tune

Fully customizable interface

Your tailored solution reflecting your brand image