All your offers at your

clients’ fingertips

Mobile, tactile, fully-loaded, entirely customizable and easy to update, 3Dswipe Tablet enables to gather in a single app:

  • all of your star products and their options
  • your sales and marketing tools (product highlights, photos, videos, technical sheets, 3D animations, etc.)

Your products and your technology brought to light from every angle, at your clients’ or salesforce’s fingertips, in an intuitive and all-in-one sales app, tailored to your specific needs in interactive 3D.



Real time 3D configurator

experiment options, materials, colors and create the product which answers your clients’


Operating animations

understand and put technologic innovations under light… always from every angle



Compatible with
all existing operating systems



Your product catalogue

in interactive 3D, and all your sales and marketing tools gathered in your salesmen’s pocket

Surprise, explain… sell!

Embedded in the mobile devices of a fleet of salesmen meeting clients face to face, or for sales assistants in boutiques, 3Dswipe Tablet works online and offline in order to ensure 24/7 access to all of the sales tools.

Everything is designed to answer each client’s specific needs and insure a fully integrated use with existing tools:

  • client data gathering
  • CRM or ERP synchronization
  • automatic data update

Check out various ways to use 3Dswipe: see the  “for what uses” section
Check out the full video (2 mn), click here

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Real-time 3D features: predefined views , hotspot, interactive animations , photos and videos , configurator

Download our free 3Dswipe demo on your device, test it & get a feel of interactive 3D:


All your offers at your clients’ fingertips



Real time 3D interactive

Your products from every angle

interactive 3D configurator

Range of colors and options

Operating animations

Interaction with animated products

Product highlights

Marketing benefits attached to your products


Technical sheets

Your technology unveiled in detail

Photos & videos

Real images are one click away

Company presentation

Your history, your image

Product Catalogue

All your product range in interactive 3D



Touch screen, mouse, trackpad, leap motion


iOS, Android, PC, Mac, web with no plug-in


In all desired languages


Tablet, computer, interactive kiosk, website, HD screen broadcast, holographic projection

From every angle

Exploded product view

Showcase all your key components

Animated inside view

At the heart of your technology in motion

Customizable views with dimensions

Front, side, top: your product from technical angles


Database and backoffice

Take control freely

Automatic synchronization

All your salesmen in tune

Fully customizable interface

Your tailored solution reflecting your brand image


 your own features

and… ask us

to develop them for you!