Innov’SA introduces the Cocoon lift chair with 3Dswipe

Innov’SA, French medical chair manufacturer, launches Cocoon: a fully customizable high-end lift chair.

To showcase its innovation, the company decided to equip its salesforce with a revolutionary real-time 3D sales application: 3Dswipe.

Transporting the heavy chairs is no longer needed to present its modularity to end clients: 3Dswipe for Cocoon enables the sales team to highlight all of the Cocoon’s product benefits and features directly on their laptop.

The heart of 3Dswipe for Cocoon app: a real-time 3D configuration system


The interactive 3D configuration, tailored to Innov’SA’s precise needs, allows to showcase accessories, optional kits and the colors available in a very user-friendly manner. The salesperson and his client can configure together the ideal chair, and watch it instantaneously from every angle. Once the configuration has been validated, the salesperson can save the customized settings and generate the associated quotation directly addressed to his client’s name.

3Dswipe for Cocoon: all the sales tools gathered in a single application


Two interactive 3D animations made for:
– Showing the lift chair in various positions
– Displaying how armrests can retract
The chair’s dimensions are displayed depending on the selected options. Product benefits highlight the innovations and ensure the consistency of the sales argumentation. In a click, the sales team can access the technical sheet, open real product shots and play the Cocoon’s 3D video, which is available on the company’s website

Value-adding bonus: a 3D animation video


Synthese Video first created the chair in 3D in order to display it in interactive 3D in the 3Dswipe app. Then, in order to increase the ROI alongside the impact on sales, our team produced a video which allows, for a slim additional cost, Innov’SA to:
– Present the whole range of the Cocoon’s functionalities in less than 2 minutes
– • Broadcast its innovation on their website, social media and at their partners’ and distributors’

More details on this 3D animation video on our website

A fully scalable solution


The 3Dswipe for Cocoon app, which showcases a single product today, can easily be upgraded to display additional chairs of the brand and become an interactive 3D product catalogue.
The app can also be adapted to tablets to allow the full tactile 3D experience with the swipe of the finger, to interactive kiosks to stand out during professional tradeshows or directly available on a website.

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